Portrait Finishes
Daniel's portraits blurs the line bewteen photography and art. 

doke 1.jpg


(The layering of light, texture and paint.)

An Impasto is a piece of art that makes a physical statement, which is why you will find it most often in expressive artwork.  Daniel will use layering of light, texture and paint to help your portrait come to life, give weight to his brilliant colors, movement to his landscapes and emotion to his subjects. Daniel transforms areas of the image into an impression of painted art.  The resulting image is printed on the finest artist canvas and then meticulously hand painted by Daniel with contoured brush strokes and a rich, luminous finish.  This piece of art will rival the masters of old.

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(An artists canvas.)

With emotional honesty and soft beauty, this piece of art that Daniel creates, will compliment your space in you home and will become a family heirloom  Your art will be enhanced, retouched and the beauty will be brought out  down to the last eye lash. It will be  printed on the finest canvas using the Giclee method. This method brings out the lustre, color and depth of your image.  




A beautiful gift to your family and loved ones. The Master is designed for your desk or family gifts. It is printed on the finest luster paper. It can be mounted and covered with a glaze to bring out all of the natural colors and depth of your portraits.