“Hold on tight and let go…… The Black
and White Relationship  portraits capture
the essence of this time in my life. Since
my daughters were born, they have been
the center of my world. Everything I did
was for them. Today, I looked at my girls
and can’t believe how time has flown by. 
I am so proud of them. They know they
always have my love and support no
matter where they are. I want to hold on
tight to them, but now it is time to let
go. I will always remember our special
relationships and how it feels to hold
them close.”

“OMG Dan!! I’m crying right now. These are so gorgeous!! Mine and Barry’s mouths literally just fell to the floor!!! Thank you, thank you. You are amazing. We had so much fun. I’m seriously crying right now I can not believe it. We can’t wait to see the rest. This was the perfect gift you sent us before we head to the airport. You are so awesome!”  Daniel and Barry

"My photo's are amazing!  Dan did a great job with my children.  I can't believe the smiles he was able to capture."  Caitlin, Andover, MA

"We felt a warm feeling all the way through, from the first call to receiving our finished product." Debbie, Windham, NH

"Breathtaking! I love my portraits"  Cindy, Boston, MA

"The staff is wonderful and so helpful. They made the whole experience great."  Ana, Westford, MA

"Dan was so patient and easy going with the kids. He got real smiles from them. Thank you."  Suzy, North Reading, MA

"Dan, you are so talented! The retouching and finish is outstanding."  Chris, Newton, MA

"I love the frame that you picked out for my family portrait. It is just perfect."  Amber, Newport, RI