Getting ready for your portrait experience

Portraits of your family are among the most important things you will ever invest in.  We are excited and honored that you have chosen us to create them for you.  To ensure you receive the best possible portraits, and have a great time in the process, we have created this guide for you.  It covers commonly asked questions as well as portrait options, clothing and investment.  If you have any questions as you begin to plan your dream portrait, please feel free to reach out to us.  We are here to help! 

Lets begin with the end in mind
You know you would like portraits created of you or your family, but do you know what you are going to do with them?  Do you have a special spot on the wall, a new home or vacation home to decorate, or do you need to replace an older portrait?  Would you like a family coffee table book to display?  Maybe you would like both?  Daniel is more than willing to create one of a kind wall art for your home that is customized for a certain wall, or create a wall collection to fit any space perfectly.  View some in home wall art here.  If a coffee table book is what you are looking for, to preserve your family history, please view our photojournalistic family album here.

Where will we be photographed?
You can choose to be photographed at our studio or on location. We have several locations we like to use and suggest. Give some thought to what feeling you would like your portraits to have and the location in your home where they will be hung.  This will determine if this is a formal or casual portrait.  Take a look through our galleries to see what you like and get some ideas, we can always help with suggestions.  Daniel often photographs clients in their homes either indoor or outside.
 Check out our location guide

I don't photograph well - What should i do?
We specialize in making everyone look great in their portraits.  We know how to flatter all body types with our posing and lighting expertise.  In addition, we are great at getting wonderful, natural expressions so that everyone looks their best.  Relax, and leave the artistry to us!

Seeing your images at the Viewing and Ordering Session
During your phone consultation, we will book an appointment for about a week after your session to come back to the studio to view your images and place your order.  We will guide you through the process and help you pick the best images.  Your images will be shown to size, so your portrait wont be to small or to big we will make it just right. (Please see video below) Daniel will work with the goals set at the consultation so you will receive every portrait, wall collection or coffee table book you envisioned.  When your order is placed and finalized at this appointment, portrait collections will receive up to a 20% savings.

Viewing your images on your walls
To help us size your wall portrait(s) in the perfect location of your home, we ask that you watch this video on how to take a proper room image.  Once you have photographed the area(s) in your home that you are thinking of hanging your portrait(s), you can then e-mail them to us (dan@dandoke.com). We will then have your room views ready to go in our software when you come in for your viewing and ordering appointment.

What is the investment in your families memories? 
Daniel has been working at his craft for many years to achieve the best lighting, posing and the perfect expressions.  All portraits are skillfully retouched and enhanced to ensure you and your family look the very best.  Clients interested in gift sized portraits invest between $350 to $850. Those interested in a wall portrait along with gift portraits invest $1,000 or more. Clients who want heirloom art and specialty items invest $2,500 or more.

See our portrait finishes.


What should we wear?

Decide if you want your portrait more formal or casual.  Think about where your portraits will be displayed, and match the formality of your outfits to this location. 

If you have decided on an outdoor portrait, choose a simple color palette.  We typically recommend solid colors, but everyone should not wear the exact same thing.  We want the personalities of our subjects to come through!

Other tips:
-Dark colors are slimming.
-Sleeveless tops typically don't photograph as well as sleeves.
-Layers often work well because they add texture.
-A subtle pattern or two can also be integrated as long as they are in the same color palette as everything else - just don't let things get too busy.  Throw everyone's outfits on the bed together, and if it looks right, go for it!  We also suggest bringing a backup top or two, just in case.

With a little planning, your end result will be a creative and beautiful piece of artwork. 

Color Pallet Suggestions

Additional ideas to spark your creativity. 

What about hair, make-up and glasses?

Get haircuts a least a week or two before the shoot.  It might take a few days to grow into it and this buffer allows time for some growth, tweaks, and perfections to the hair style prior to your session.  Please do not try a radically different hair style too close to your session - what if you don't like it?

We strongly believe you shouldn't change your makeup routine too much for a session.  You want your finished portrait to look like you!  A little more mascara and lip is about all you might want to change.  Additionally, avoid shimmery powder or eye shadow - it doesn't photograph as well as you might think. 

Glasses - If you wear glasses most of the time, you'll want to wear them in your portraits.  If the slight glare or reflection that can naturally occur will bother you, call your optometrist and arrange to borrow a pair of empty frames.  If you have transition glasses, you'll want to wear a pair of regular glasses for your session.  We will not be able to lighten them in the retouching process.

Bad Weather
Outdoor shoots offer beautiful light and surroundings for your portraits.  If Mother Nature isn't cooperating on the day of your portrait session, call and we will be happy to reschedule.  If that isn't an option for you, we can consider using your home or our studio.  We want your portraits to be perfect and won't make you settle for anything less.