What is the investment in your families memories? 
Daniel has been working at his craft for many years to achieve the best lighting, posing and the perfect expressions.  All portraits are skillfully retouched and enhanced to ensure you and your family look the very best.  

Clients interested in gift sized portraits invest between $350 to $850. Those interested in a wall portrait along with gift portraits invest $1,000 or more. Clients who want heirloom art and specialty items invest $2,500 or more.  Please make an appoitment to stop by our gallery to see samples of finishes, sizes and frames. Daniel is happy to go into detail and create a collection that is perfect for you.

Sample pricing
Miniature portraits start at $89
Personal and desk sizes $145-$599
Wall Portraits 16x20 start at $899 to life-size

Coffee table albums start at $999

Please ask about our payment plans.